Could a mechanic use scheduling software?

Question by Daniel M: Could a mechanic use scheduling software?
My friends and I are developing some scheduling software.
Basically, a customer could go online and schedule an oil change or other simple car repair.
Would this work for a mechanic? Why or why not?

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Answer by Susan B
This could pose problems. First of all, in our shop, it seems like when customers come in, they like to add things on. That adds more time to the repair/service. Second of all, unforeseen things occur that make the repair/service take longer, which could cut into someone else’s scheduled appointment. If you are making the appointments yourself, you can judge if it would be okay to schedule an inspection and an oil change in close proximity, rather than letting a customer schedule an oil change online and come to find out you have a u-joint replacement that didn’t go as expected (think, Dodge truck) and it cuts into their oil change time. Good luck!

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