does the ipad do generally the same things that a computer can?

Question by Brook <3 xo: does the ipad do generally the same things that a computer can?
If not what doesnt it do that a computer would? I realize the inconvinience of the keyboard but i also know that i can buy a regular one for it…

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Answer by DMC
Yes and no. The general things an iPad can do the same as a PC or Mac are surf the web, check email, play games, music, videos, edit Office documents, view PDFs, video conferencing, you can get a 3G data plan with Verizon and AT&T that you can cancel at any time. It basically does the same things your average netbook can do. There are, however, quite a few limitations on the iPad. A big one is the lack of Adobe Flash; many websites require this software to view their videos. Another thing is the iPad lacks expansion ports: no USB or SD slots. Apple does sell a periphial connector that goes goes in the iPad’s 30-pin connector, but you can only transfer videos and pictures off a USB key or an SD card. The iPad does not have true multitasking; when you switch apps, it freezes the other apps that your not using at the moment. You cannot work on two things at once. Software updates and activation require a PC or Mac as of now (this will no longer be the case in September when iOS 5 is released). Finally, the iPad’s storage is also rather limited, 64 GB is the largest size it comes in. Hope this helps.

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  1. Purring Williams says:

    iPad for College Pros:
    * Small, Slim
    *Easy Fast Access

    iPad for College Cons:
    *No CD/DVD/CD-RW Player/Burner
    *Can’t Download Programs
    *Can’t Multitask (Surf Internet, Write Paper, Listen To Music)
    *WiFi Detecting is diminished
    *Can’t Put Files on Flash Drive/Removable Device
    *Can Get Scratched/Cracks Easier
    *Small Display, Resulting in Much Finger Movement (Zooming In)

    Laptop for College Pros:
    *CD/DVD Player (Possible Burner)
    *Download Programs/Files
    *Multitasking Enabled
    *Stronger WLAN Adapter Card (Connect to Wireless Internet from Greater Distances)
    *Transfer Files from Laptop to External/Removable Media (Flash Drive)
    *Large, Comfortable Display

    Hope that helps! 🙂