Q&A: Review My Resume, Please?

Question by : Review My Resume, Please?
I have a job interview soon and I was asked to bring my resume even though they have a copy already. I am picking up resume paper tonight, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how this looks or give me some suggestions. It has been a few years since I’ve worked last, and I’m a little nervous. I have XXXX over information I do not want to share here.


I am seeking a position where I can utilize both Technical and Non-Technical skills I have already acquired, as well as obtain new skills through experience and training.


Associate’s Degree in Information Technology – March 2003

Associate’s in Arts Degree (College Transfer) – Currently Enrolled


-Computer Hardware (Installation, Configuration, Upgrading, and Troubleshooting)
-Computer Software (Installation, Configuration, Upgrading, and Troubleshooting)
-Computer Networking
-General Testing & Troubleshooting Skills

-Customer Service Skills
-Good Communication Skills
-Billing & Sales Skills
-Clerical Skills
-Desire, Willingness, and Ability to learn


High Speed Internet Technical Support – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (May 2006 – April 2007)
Assisted customers with problems related to High Speed Internet (software, hardware, connectivity) and Email (configuration, password resets, navigation). If the customer’s issue was outside of the service we provided, I researched the issue and assisted the customer if possible or found the best source to refer the customer to if I could not assist them any further. Also, I scheduled field technician appointments as needed.

Customer Support Representative – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (February 2006 – May 2006)
Provided billing and sales support to customers. Assisted with technical issues related to video services. Researched issues to provide the best support possible, and referred customers to outside sources as needed. Set up Field Technician appointments if necessary.

Technical Support – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (January 2002- February 2006)
Provided volunteer computer and peripheral technical support while being a stay-at-home mom. Setup and supported home networks. Performed installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and repair of computer hardware and software.

Computer Support – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (April 2003 – May 2003)
Small project installing, configuring, and upgrading computers and peripherals. I was also involved in instructing the users on the basic use of the computers and peripherals.

File Clerk/ Secretary/ Cashier – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (January 1995- December 1999 Seasonal)
Searched for and stored customer records, made copies, answered phone, set appointments, and took messages. The work also included customizing key chains/license plates for customers, miscellaneous sales, cashiering, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Answer by Smiling_Lady
Honestly, you have a lot of wonderful skills and abilities here. It is the actual layout of your resume that needs a touch of work. I would go to your local job bank or if you have a few extra dollars it is worth it to pay someone who does resumes to fine tune it for you. The job banks have tons of valuable resources and are more than happy to help you form the perfect resume that suits you. You need something that is compelling and will catch their attention. You have all the experience.

Go for it! I feel you have everything you need to make a great employee.

Best wishes!

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