What’s the job description of a hotel sales coordinator?

Question by girl23: What’s the job description of a hotel sales coordinator?
What does a hotel sales coordinator do? Is it an office job position? I worked as a sales assistant to a manufacturing company before and will the job’s responsibilities be the same as a sales coordinator?
Do you work in an office or out in the front desk area?

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It depends on the hotel. With the hotels I’ve worked at, anyone who was a sales coordinator, or catering coordinator, etc was like an administrative assistant to the department.

It’s actually a really good stepping stone because if you eventually want to be a catering manager or sales manager, you’ll have the sales coordinator experience to back you up. Meaning you’ll have a good understanding of how BEO’s work (banquet event orders), the software used, you’ll have a good understanding of event management and group sales. When people call the sales department you will often be the first person they speak with, and you’ll have an important role in scheduling and preparing reports etc. Again that varies from hotel to hotel

In fact, I’d say that it’s an excellent way to break into hospitality without bussing tables, as far as hotel management is concerned.

Then again, it depends on the hotel. You’d have to check the job description of each job, or ask if you are unsure.

EDIT: In the office. Front desk is usually the FD clerk, bellman, concierge, etc. If a hotel has a sales department they should have an office. Basically you’re supporting the sales managers. Then again you’ll have to ask the employer the specifics. Also there are usually tons of perks working in a hotel, especially a resort, like dry cleaning, discounts at the spa and stuff like that. If I were offered I’d definitely take it.

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  1. smahadevan39 says:

    He has to take care of the customers complaint about the taste of the item, delay in service,
    serving manners, neatness etc and make quick redress of the complaints.